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The Victoria - $79.00

Why Do I Need An Address Sign?

Consider this:

"Over 100,000 people die each year simply because help did not arrive on time."         National Safety Council

"Your chances of surviving a cardiac arrest are reduced by 7%-10% EACH MINUTE you have to wait for emergency technicians to arrive."                                                                         The American Heart Association

Despite the valiant efforts of EMS, fire departments and local law enforcement, they do not have magical ability to know which house is yours! Many communities require an address number to be placed somewhere visible from the roadside. Some areas even require a certain size number to be placed on the property and put this in their building code. Many desperate fire departments have even gone door to door offering affordable reflective green or blue plates to attach to mailbox posts. Although we applaud their efforts, these plates were less than attractive to many homeowners and therefore not utilized.  Classic Address Signs offers a more attractive alternative. Our sincerest hope is to help save lives in a more elegant way!

The Estate Elizabeth - $199.00

Can 911 emergency personnel find your home when every second counts? Take the challenge! Drive by your own home at night to see if your house number is visible from the road. See if it is clear to you where your home is and that the address number is visible and legible. Keep in mind, emergency vehicles will be going FAST!

How to Order:

There are 3 ways to order once you have found the sign that is just right for you:

  • You can order directly from this site by clicking the Paypal button and paying through Paypal. You will be sent a proof directly to your corresponding email. Please make sure you put your information into the "note to seller" box when making your payment. If we have questions for you or if you forgot something, we will contact you via email.
  • You can email me with what you want and I will invoice you via Paypal once you have approved your proof. This is recommended for multiple orders or unusual request. It also helps if you have questions or need recommendations for a specific situation. Our email is
  • You can call us at 919-734-4482. We can take your order, answer questions, and take Visa or MasterCard payment over the phone. Proof and receipt will still need to be sent via email especially if images are involved. You will get a live person 9:00am-9:00pm EST.

Shipping And Handling

Shipping and Handling Charges will be added to the price of your product based on the size of the product, method of shipping required , and location item is being shipped to. All products will automatically be shipped insured and tracking will be emailed to you. Most of our signs will be shipped to you via UPS Ground. Our mailboxes, sign plates only, license plate, and decals are usually shipped USPS Parcel Post.  These shipping fee may vary a little (+/- $3-$8) depending on your location (shipping zone). We do our best to charge you only what we actually pay. Nobody likes to be blindsided with the unexpected so here is a basic shipping chart:

30" signs                    $12.00                          Standard Mailbox                    $12.00

48" signs                    $20.00                          Large Mailboxes                      $18.00

60" signs                    $25.00                          Jumbo Maiboxes                     $20.00

66" signs                    $28.00                          Sign Plates                              $5 - $8

Estate signs               $30.00                           Decals & License Plates           FREE

Signs with Baskets     $45.00                           Special Order Signs                 per email only

7' signs                      $45.00

When you order your sign using the Paypal button, it will charge you for your item with shipping already included. If there is any additional shipping (overseas orders), you will receive an additional invoice. If you were charge too much (local), I will issue a refund for the difference.

Local customers may have the option to have delivery and installation instead of shipping. We are located in Dudley, NC and offer this service for no additional charge within a 50 mile radius.

What Sign Is Right For Me?

Ultimately the decision is based mostly on what you like and your budget. We do have some important recommendation based on 11 years of research!

If you live in a cul-de-sac or dead end road, a one sided sign would work just fine for you. In this situation, your sign needs to be at least 20"-30" tall with a minimum of 3"-4" reflective numbers. In this situation traffic is usually slowing or already slow with plenty of time to see your sign.

If you live in a community where the speed limit is 20mph - 35mph you may want to consider a two sided sign at least 36"- 48" tall with number 4" or larger. Keep in mind the layout of your property. If you are on a hill or rise you can go with a shorter sign. If the property lies lower than the road you may need a taller sign to get the desired effect.

If you live on a major road or highway with speed limits of 45mph or higher, your numbers may need to be larger. If a lot of big trucks go by, you may need to consider a heavier plate or a fixed plate design.

14" x 22" Oval Sign Plate - $99.00

Jumbo Customized Mailbox - $109.00

Other Fine Products

In addition to these beautiful address signs, we also offer a variety of other attractive address products. Some building codes require 4" - 5" numbers attached to the front of the house. Some homeowners association don't allow free standing signs or yard ornaments at all.

  • Reflective Customized Mailboxes
  • Reflective Sign Plaques
  • Custom Decals
  • Reflective Decals
  • Personalized License Plates
  • Banners
  • Business Signs
  • Vehicle Lettering
  • Street Signs


The Estate LaParis - $149.00

Choose A Silhouette!

We have hundreds of silhouettes available to make your sign truly your own. See our Silhouette Options page to view your choices. See our photos for many ideas. Or choose your Monogram !



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